My work examines how US popular culture directs desire, the stories it tells us about what makes us happy, fulfilled. Fantasies, utopias, how tos and related narratives: I want to represent the distance between the promise and the reach. What does that span look like visually?

Important issues in my work
• Translation. The imperfections resulting from the attempt to represent an image or idea are the point. Like evolution, changes run the gamut from subtle to calamitous breaks from the initial source.
• Distance. Trying to account for the space between feelings and words or actions, desires and the things we can get or deserve. Communicate the chasm.
• Abstraction. Abstract is simultaneously a noun, verb and adjective. Describes for me an arena in which making, thinking and feeling cycle towards something unified yet changed.
• Polymorphic. The occurrence of something in several different forms, the sense that things are changing and dynamic. I like that a static form like painting can address this.
• Hybridity. The miscegenation of blood, cultures, ideas, forms. Rejection of the Platonic or pure.

Resources I consider my own to use, change or ruin,
• Comic books and superheroes
• Popular music, especially stuff that I grew up listening to
• Old texts that purport to help the reader understand the world
• The dictionary
• The catalog of painting
• Home furnishing catalogs and product print ads

Goals for my work

• Create habitable spaces
• Explore ideas abstractly
• Don’t let the handmade become aesthetically precious
• Color functions more evocatively than descriptively
• Maintain contradictions


• Slowness, a scrutiny that requires investment
• A search process undertaken without a specific result in mind
• Multiplicity and contingency
• Commitment to the investigation, but not to any ideology
• Specific to this moment/place as a frame and location

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