My work is an attempt to reconcile emotions and ideas.  It always starts from a place of emotion; anxiety, confusion, anger, hurt, etc. and through a process of trying to understand what is outside of me, usually the culture we live in, I try to bring together what may be fueling my feelings with some external representation.  For instance, for over a decade, I've been using images of US consumer culture from sources in furniture catalogs and advertising.  I juxtapose different modes of representation to create tension and lapses.  This distance mirrors the gaps between promises of consumerism and other stories we've been given as values and norms versus the actuality of our lived experiences. What does that distance look like visually and how does it feel?

Important issues in my work
• Use of multiple visual languages. The tensions resulting from recognizable pictoral representions coexisting with very abstract elements result in a specific patois. I'm less interested in resolution than in the struggle to cohere and our desire to resolve these images. 
• Transitional spaces and time. Trying to represent the current moment in its uncertainty and possibility.  Destruction and emergent new forms, tranformation and evolution occuring at the same time with the potential for anything to come next. 
• Polymorphic. The occurrence of something taking several different forms, the sense that things are changing and dynamic. I like that a static art form like painting can address this.
• Hybridity. The miscegenation of blood, cultures, ideas, forms. Rejection of the Platonic or pure.

Goals for my work

• Create habitable spaces
• Explore ideas abstractly
• Don’t let the handmade become aesthetically precious
• Color functions more evocatively than descriptively
• Maintain contradictions


• Slowness, a scrutiny that requires investment
• A search process undertaken without a specific result in mind
• Multiplicity and contingency
• Specific to this moment/place as a frame and location